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Group Contact. Dan Reynolds.

Phone 01352 750202


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We currently have an extensive waiting list. This is a sign of how popular our group is.  Please follow the link to complete our online waiting list registration.  We will then contact you when we have a vacancy.

 Pragmatically, the best way to secure a space at the group is by volunteering your time as we look favourably on those who are part of the adult leadership team. There’s no hard sell in this and we all do a little so no one has to do a lot. There are lots of ways in which you can help.  If that’s something you might consider them let us know and we can start a conversation around it, but only if it’s right for you.

Come and see us and see what we do in Scouting. You may be surprised how we have changed and you will definitely have something to offer. 

Come be part of the adventure.